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The folowing are commonly asked questions about Blum cabinet hinges. Below that are links to an overview of the Blum Concealed Hinge program and Blum Application Specs. Please read through all of this information as well as the application specs for each hinge (those are located in the catalog with the actual catalog listings for the hinges) before contacting us.

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I have these numbers printed/etched onto the hinges I have ... can you tell me what hinge I need?
If you have 32.160 or 30.310 with 110 or 120 stamped on the hinge, you need the Compact 33 Screw-On hinge. If you have different numbers, and it doesn't look like a Compact 33, please contact Blum to find out what the part number is for your hinge.

I found the hinge I need, but it doesn't look like it comes with everything, do I need to order a separate piece that attaches to the cabinet?
YES! For ALL of the Blum hinges, the mounting plate (the part that attaches to the cabinet face frame or the inside of the cabinet) is a separate piece.

These hinges aren't very old, won't you just replace them?
We won't, but Blum might. Please contact them as they will probably replace them for you at no charge. If you prefer to call them, their number is 1.800.438.6788

Are there any local dealers of your hinges in our area?
First of all, we are not the manufacturer, Blum is the manufacturer, we are a discount e-tailer of the Blum products (hinges, drawer glides) and therefore have no idea if someone near you sells them. However, we are as near as your computer and as convenient as a few mouse clicks away, so read through the information, find the hinge(s) you need, place an order and we'll send them right to your door!

HINGE PROGRAM OVERVIEW - Read more about the Blum Concealed Hinge Program

APPLICATION SPECS - Read more about mounting specs and adjustment specs.